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LC980 / 985 / 1100 compatible ink cartridges for use in Brother printers


Product description

These cartridges are compatible with the following printers:


MFC 250C, 255CW, 257CW, 270W, 290C, 295CN, 490CN, 490CW, 495CN, 585CW, 670CD, 670CDW, 675CD, 675CDW, 695CDN, 695CDWN, 735CD, 735CDN, 790CW, 795CW, 930, 930CDN, 930CDWN, 935CDN, 935CDWN, 990CW, 5490CN, 5490CW, 5890, 5890CN, 6490CN, 6490CW, 6490W, 6890CDW, 6890CN,
J220, J265W, J410, J415W, J615N, J615W, J615W WIFI, J700D, J700DW, J800D, J800DW, J805D, J805DW, J850DN, J850DWN, J855DN, J855DWN, J950DN, J950DWN

DCP 145C, 165, 165C, 185, 185C, 195C, 197C, 365CN, 375CW, 385C, 390CN, 395CN, 535CN, 585CW, 595CN, 6690CN, 6690CW,
J125, J140W, J315W, J515N, J515W, J715N, J715W

Equivalent replacement for cartridge codes:

 LC980BK, 985BK, 1100BK - 25ml - Black
 LC980C, 985C, 1100C - 17.5ml - Cyan
 LC980M, 985M, 1100M - 17.5ml - Magenta
 LC980Y, 985Y, 1100Y - 17.5ml - Yellow

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