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Printing Products 

What are INK cartridges ?

Inkjet cartridges are those fitted to most domestic printers, generally with a separate black and colour ink units. They are filled with a fluid ink that feeds from the bottom of the cartridge to the print-head.

Installation and troubleshooting with INK

  • To replace ink cartridges follow the onscreen utility dialog for your printer. Some printers will also feature an LCD screen from which you can do this operation.
  • Remove the plastic vent strip from the top of the cartridge along with the protective clips from the bottom and locking tab (where present).
  • Press the new cartridge down firmly into the vacant slot in the printer. For those with a locking tab it should slot into place with a positive click.
  • The new cartridge should be recognised by the printer and register a full ink level once again. The printer software may warn you that you have installed non-original cartridges, but such messages can be closed without detriment.

If the cartridge does not register correctly on installation please try the following:

CAREFULLY remove and re-install the relevant cartridge(s), be aware that a small amount of ink may leak from the punctured port on the fresh cartridge.
Shut the printer down, and switch the power off at the wall. Wait for 1+ minute and turn it back on. This will make the printer go through a full start up routine and it should then recognise the new cartridges.

For issues with print pattern / performance try running the nozzle / print head clean cycles.  

What are TONER cartridges ?

Toner cartridges are those found in office laser printers, and are normally mono colour, printing in black only, but colour machines also exist with separate cartridge units for each colour toner.
These cartridges are filled with a toner powder which is fused to the paper via a heated drum element which can be integral to the cartridge or a separate unit.

Installation and troubleshooting with TONER Cartridges -

  • To install the new toner unit, follow the onscreen utility dialog for your machine.
  • The new toner unit will be fitted with a number of protective transport pieces (normally orange plastic) which need to be removed if present; A main front clip > A smaller clip over the micro chip > > A ring pull strip from the side of the unit > A paper sheet slotted into the roller.
  • Open the printer service door, remove old toner unit and slot the new one into place.

For issues with print pattern / performance try removing the toner unit and shaking it to redi
stribute any stuck toner powder inside. Do be aware some toner powder may be come out doing this.

Lighting Products

How to tell which bulb fitting do I need?

BC and ES bulbs are the most common, SES and SBC fittings are typically found in smaller bulbs (12w and below) and in fixtures such as bedside  lamps and wall mounted fixings.

What is lighting colour temperature?

Colour temperature is the appearance of the light emitted by the light bulb.
 is best chosen depending on what environment the bulb is to be used in, or personal preference. 

The image below shows colour temperature scale: