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Genuine Numatic Hepa-Flo Vacuum cleaner bags (NVM-1CH)


Product description

These are GENUINE original replacement bags designed for Numatic Vacuum cleaners. Unlike many of the unbranded copies that are offered on the market, these are a perfect fit and benefit of high efficiency filter system that ensures that the vacuum cleaner works at it's best capacity and help to prolong its life.

Model: NVM-1CH, 604015, also works as replacement to NVM1B, NVM2B/2, NVM2C/2, 1C/2, 1C/3

Capacity: Each bag is able to hold 9 litres of dust.

They will work with all the 32mm standard domestic Numatic Cleancare and Homecare cleaners sold in the UK: Henry, Hetty, Charles, James, Basil, all NRV200 and HVR200 ranges.

AVQ 250
JVH 180
JVP 180, 180A
HET 200, 200A
HHR 200
HVR 200, 200A, 200M, 200P, 204, 204P
HVX 200, 200A
HSQ 200, 250
MFQ 300
NB 200
NNV 200, 204
NRV 200, 200T, 204,
NSP 180A, 200A
NSR 200A
NST 220A
NQS 200, 200T
NV 200
NVH 180, 200
NVR 200
NVQ 200, 200T, 202, 204, 250, 250B, 250T, 252, 254
PSP 180A, 200A
PVR 200A
PVT 220A
RSAV 130, 200
RSV-130, 130M, 130P, 130T, 134, 134P, 200, 200M, 200P, 200T, 204, 204P
VNP 180
VNR 200

Quantities of 10 will be delivered in a sealed box, smaller quantities will be delivered in a grey mail bag.

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